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Client Services

Our Goal
  • Technical specialist delivery and advisory consulting with experiences in the industry professionals

  • Proactively long term relationships and close partnership with clients


  • Win-win project approach to staffing projects, with committed budgets, clear timelines and measurable deliverables

Recruitment Process & Advisory Consulting
  • Client’s Enquiry – Planning, Mapping, Analysis for Client’s requirements


  • Recruitment – List-up of Candidates targeted, Searching, Pre-interview


  • Report to Client – Short lists summarized, qualified Resume & Reference


  • Coordination – Candidate’s Interview Schedule, Required Documents


  • Final – Reference Check, Employment, Negotiation


  • Follow-up Service – Smooth transition & Follow-up Service of joined candidates


Our advisory consulting will include talent acquisition planning, sourcing, strategies for market mapping, key positions by well-experiened professonal advisory committee from its specialist field

Permanent Search

Retained Executive Search


High-end executive search for preferred specific search of senior executive position or highly pressing level.

This position has such a big responsibility and roles in the organization and its company with confidential in nature. An upfront fee(non-refundable) is payable for the mapping, consultation and headhunt effort from startup until the candidate commences work.



Exclusive contingent or engaged search


Mid to Senior level search for customized client’s organization’s needs with the search professionals of recruitment process, headhunting. The engaged upfront fee is refundable if the recruiter fails to achieve a hire or other deliverable specified in the contract.



Contingent recruitment and staffing

Junior to Mid level search using a combination of ads and selection through our database, job portals and referrals. The Fee is paid only upon the successful completion of the search.


* Above Executive Search is negotiable subject to client’s Terms & Conditions.



For detailed information or recruitment needs about our services, please send your enquiry to Contact us or

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